Things to see

In this section you will find the instructions to get in some places very easly to find
(usually you can get there by car) and interesting to see. 
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Domus de Maria - Chia
Chia Chia Chia Chia Chia Chia
Chia's Tower Panorama from Chia's Tower Santo Spirito's Church Isula Manna (Su Cardolinu) Bithia Spartivento's Pond
Chia Chia        
Chia's Pond Chia's Figs        
Pula - Nora
Pula/Nora Pula Pula/Nora Pula/Nora
Sant'Efisio Churc Archelogical Museum The old city of Nora Cortellazzo's Tower
Teulada Teulada
Capo Mafatano Pixinnė's Tower