Villages in the nearest of the Chia's Bay


 Domus de Maria and Chia
Domus de Maria is located at 50 Km ovest from Cagliari. Its main resort is Chia which is situated on the south-western of the Sardinia's Island. Nature and archaeology are the most important feature of this area including 10 km of coastline, beginning from the pine forests of Santa Margherita di Pula to Capo Spartivento. Being a seaside town, Chia is Known for its beaches and their dunesl. In its country we can find the ruins of the city of Bithia. Which are (with Nora's ruins in Pula) the most important evidence of Phoenician and Punic domination. In the hinterland there is the large natural reserve of Is Cannoneris located on mountains with granite rocks. Remember also to visit the Tower of Chia, from where a very big part of the coastline until Capo Spartivento cliff. From there you'll appreciate the splendid beaches with gold-coloured sand, the clear sea, dunes, small islands (including Su Giudeu island). Official web site:

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Pula (East side from Chia) is a village famous for tourism. It is included in the Sardinian area known with the name of " Sulcis" which is also known for the regional forest of Pixinamanna. The Pula's area is  interesting not only for the sea but also for the Phoenician city of  Nora which is  probably the oldest city built in Sardinia.  The archaeological area of  Nora also shows the evidence left following the Punic and Roman dominations who discovered in this part of the Mediterranean sea one of the main landing places because of  its strategic position.
In any case Pula's beautiful coasts are very appreciated by the tourists crowding the area's beaches and resorts.
Near Pula there is also one of the Italian Golf Open in the Is Molas Golf Club. Interesting to see the little church very close to the Nora's beach. It is the Sant' Efisio church which is really important for pilgrims becoming from Cagliari.  Official web site